Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hodge Podge Entry

I had full intentions of blogging yesterday and then we lost power from about 7pm till midnight. It suuucked. Not having power is the worst, there is literally nothing you can do. Jonathan was a complete basket case with out power. He was supposed to be doing a raid on World of War Craft and of course he could not be part of it since our power was out, but he insisted on listening to the convo's between all of the people that were playing on his phone (and consistently talk about just how awesome his phone is!). After listening to all the people talk about this online game where people have magical powers and fight dragons and whatnot... I realized that it's nice to know that Jonathan should be considered one of the cool kids who plays that game cause let me tell you the rest of them sounded like complete tools. So anyways - he paced around the house for at least the first two hours of having no power and called the electric company twice, even though I insisted that it would make no difference whatsoever. The 2nd time he called National Grid told him the power would be back on by 10... and alas it wasn't turned on till 1230ish. We went to bed around 1015 out of plain old boredom. Prior to sleeping we had many silly conversations - including our top three favorite cereals. I think I landed on Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Frosted Flakes, and Raisin Brain Crunch. 

So in general this week has kind of sucked. I haven't gotten any phone calls to substitute. When I took my hiatus from blogging a big reason is because I had started to work a lot. Subbing has sucked though... a lot of the subbing I have been doing is for para's (one on one aides) so I'm really not teaching... just babysitting kids that make me want to tear my hair out. Okay not all the kids... but one in particular who I have subbed for 3 times now.. He is such a difficult child... on those days I question why again I am in this field and why I don't just give up already. I had a job interview on Tuesday for a teaching assistant position in Sudbury. Not something I really want to do... and I know the interview sucked cause I was all flustered cause I got lost on my way there... and I got frustrated cause the drive was annoying. It wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't get the job because I don't really want it anyways... but then at the same time... it's like... I can't even get hired for a TA position. Ugh... sucks. After my vacation at the end of the month I am going to re-evaluate my current job situation and finally make the big decision as to "what's next....".
My weekend up north with Jonathan, Jeni and Mark was a blast. We had a lot of fun and overall had a chance to just all hang out together which in my opinion we don't get to do nearly enough. We got there late Friday night and just hung in. The boys had a few beers (and played with their phones... of course). Me and Jeni shared a bottle of wine and had some girl talk. Then on Saturday we woke up early and went to Peg's for breakfast (mmmmm)... then we went back to the condo and all got ready to head to Oktoberfest on Loon. We rode the Gondala to the top of the mountain and took a little nature walk through the "bear caves". We had some hot chocolate and took a bunch of pictures. It was gorgeous... I started to understand why people who don't experience the changing of the seasons drive up this way. If you have never seen the foliage I bet it is even more beautiful then we think it is :) Then we came back down the mountain and had some beer. Mmmm... Jeni even had some. There was this Harpoon Hard Cider, that was delicious! That night we went to Woodstock Station for dinner. The wait was forever! But worth it.. the food is sooo good there. The next day we went and had bagels and coffee in the morning, then we walked around the craft fair that they had in town. Then we walked around the little shops in North Woodstock. We bought candy at the Candy ShoppE! And Jonathan bought me a candle and a pretty necklace at the Sunburst store :) Then we had a late lunch at Truants and a few hours later we all came home. Overall it was a blast! I love my family <3 

 Here are a few of the many pictures taken over the weekend:
Fall Foliage

The mountain and lake from the top of Loon

Riding on the Gondola

Jeni and I on the top of the tower

Jonathan and I on the top of the Mountain

On our nature walk

Boys enjoying their brews at Oktoberfest

The four of us out to dinner at the Station


  1. Nice pics. And stop making fun of my online gaming community! Nerds need friends too.

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  3. I love you hunnie! I make fun because I think you're cute :)