Saturday, October 23, 2010

Turning 26 - Being a Grown-up

Hello Blog, 

So this past Wednesday 10/20/10, I turned 26 years old. Now, normally getting old is such a huge drag, but this year I embraced turning 26 simply because I felt that my year as a 25 year old was a complete bust. Shitty stuff seemed to keep on happening! So I thought - becoming older might not be such a bad thing. Although I did cringe a little when I went to the gym that day and the elliptical forced me to put in my age and for the very first time I had to put 26. At least I can still consider myself in my mid-twenties though... 27 and 28, not so much.

It's funny though. When you envision your life when you are a little kid it is so much different. I feel like when we are kids we truly do dream big or we simply have such a skewed version of what reality is actually like.The likeliness of being a baseball player, an astronaut, or a rocket scientist (is this a real job?) is not very likely at all. But as kids no one tells us these things. Who would've thought that becoming a teacher would at times seem just as unrealistic as becoming a rocket scientist. Hmph. 

Anywho, when I was little I remembering having conversations with my cousin Jeni. I remember we would say things like "I want to have kids when I'm 22 because I don't want to be OLD when they are teenagers." hahaha. This is hysterical simply because at 26 I still think I would cry if I woke up tomorrow and was pregnant.I also always assumed I would have a career and a house at this point in my life - and alas I do not have those things either. Maybe by the time I'm 30?? That seems like a reasonable enough goal - wouldn't you say? 

Part 2 - Being a Grown up. So with turning 26 - for the first time ever(?) I did not take off any time this weekend to celebrate. I did have a wonderful family dinner at my brother and Jen's house on my Birthday, but this weekend I am literally work, work, working.Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday day! No time to party - but lot's of money. Definitely the grown-up decision -"make money, instead of spend money".  I have also been subbing like crazy! The only day I didn't sub was my birthday - but I still went to the gym. Look at me - mature adult, I think so!

That's all for today - I don't want this blog to be enormous. But future topics: 

1. Two minute conversation with my mother for the 1st time in months (still digesting)
2. Subbing as opposed to being a TA in a town too far away. Tough decision.
3. Florida and it's excitement :) 
4. As always - random shit. 
Farewell for now. 


  1.'re all grown up! Haha..turning 26 wasn't a big deal for me because it's still mid-twenties. 27 was a wayyyy bigger deal.

    And for the record...I have a friend who is an actual rocket scientist for Nasa in Texas. They do exist!

  2. hahaha! That's awesome. My friend Amy (coincidence!) also told me that her brother in law is a rocket scientist. It's good to know they exist. So do they study rockets??? That would be kind of a cool job. Maybe you should at that to your list ;)

  3. LOL! I would def cry if I found out I was pregnant at almost 28!! Just remember, Hun, eventhough it seems like you have sooo many things you thought you should have accomplished by now, you have already accomplished so much more than many other people! Love you!!