Friday, November 12, 2010

"What I Did On My Disney Vacation" essay!

Since I am so incredibly bored at work today I figured I would get
caught up and write a blog. Since Blogger is blocked at school I had
to result in writing my blog in my email that I will then copy and
paste at a later time :) On a side note - subbing for a computer
teacher has to be the best/easiest day of subbing ever. Love it.

As promised I must write about how wonderful and fun Florida was. Here
is a brief summary of what we did.

This is the entrance to the area where our room was at the All Star Sports Resort.

Arrived Thursday night. Thursday kind of sucked because it was a day
of traveling. We woke up at 430AM and were at Manchester for a 730
flight. We then had a 2 and 1/2 hour layover in Georgia. We didn't get
till Florida until 230 and didn't make it to our hotel in Disney until
after 3. Once we got there it was wonderful though. We stayed at the
All Star Sports Resort. That night we decided to not waste a pass
hopper day on going to a park so we took the shuttle to downtown
Disney and ate as this delicious Italian restaurant called
Portebello's. Then we walked around a little bit, took some pictures,
and went in stores. We were exhausted from our day of traveling so we
went back to the hotel and fell asleep pretty early. Evan and Jim
flight landed late that night. They got to the hotel around 230AM.

Me with the brooms at down town Disney 

Jonathan with lego water dragon

Friday we went to Magic Kingdom. I think I liked Magic Kingdom the
best. It's classic and just makes you feel like a little kid again. I
loved all the rides and being able to see the castle and all of that
cool stuff. We went on Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Thunder
Mountain... along with a bunch of other classics - including the
Haunted Mansion and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We pretty much
went on everything.

I was sooo excited to see the castle :)

Saturday was awesome. Saturday we went to Universal. Now Universal and
Islands of Adventure are not Disney parks so we had to drive their
with Jonathan parents and pay for our pass-hopper pass for those two
parks. Universal was pretty awesome. The first ride everyone went on
was this Mummy roller-coaster, which I stupidly skipped out on cause I
saw in the description that it went backwards and I was afraid I'd get
sick. Jonathan said it was AWESOME, so I really wish I wasn't being
such a wuss. We did go on the Simpson's Ride that USED to be Back to
the Future and I HATED that. It made me wicked queasy! We went on a
bunch of other stuff including E.T. which was classic and fun.

At Universal :)

Then we went to Islands of Adventure and to Harry Potter Land - that was
incredible. The Hogwarts ride was probably the best ride we went on in
all of Florida. We also bought all of our souvenirs here. I got a
scarf, a mug and a wand. Jonathan got a mug and a wand.

Hogwarts Castle - enough said.    

My Scarf and our WANDS! Yes we got wands! Be jealous.

On Sunday we went to Epcot and MGM. Epcot was alright. Not much to do
there though. We went in the big ball, on the "test track" and
soarin'. None of those rides were really all that impressive. MGM was
awesome, but the Aerosmith Roller-Coaster was closed :(. We did go on
the Tower or Terror and we were part of the show in the Back Lot Tour,
which was wicked awesome :)
MGM - Hollywood Studios


Monday we went to Animal Kingdom. We went on the Everest
Roller-Coaster and on the Safari which was wicked awesome. We also
watched this Bug's Life Show which was really entertaining.

Animal Kingdom

Tuesday we just relaxed and went to lunch with Jonathan's parents. Our
flight was at 445. We got home Tuesday night after midnight... then I
worked Wed, Thurs, Fri both jobs! It was exhausting, but such a blast.
Jonathan's parents are the absolute best and I will be forever
grateful :)


  1. Thank you...I've been waiting! Except I need some pictures to help me visualize your trip!

    Glad you had a good time.

  2. I say awesome waaaay to much. If I were grading this essay I would score myself poorly in "word choice"