Monday, November 15, 2010

Keeping Busy

Lately I feel like my life has been all about keeping busy. I feel like I'm always doing something lately, which is fantastic... because doing nothing leads to boredom and basic self-loathing. But literally since I got home from Florida I feel like it has been "go, go, go". Maybe it is cause when I got back I immediately worked 4 days straight... who knows. 

*Side not - sorry I have been scarce on the blogging... but I feel like I never have all that much that is interesting to say. I want people to read my blog - but then I feel this responsibility to keep people entertained...  I hate writing about nothing because I can bet that , that must be boring to read. But if you are reading - thank you :) There are some things I would love to vent and write about - but I think maybe the internet might not be the best place to "air my dirty laundry" per say. Anywho...

Last week I spent a lot of time catching up with friends which was nice. On Tuesday I caught up with TWO friends... had a lunch/coffee date (in which we didn't drink coffee) with my friend Amy and then I had dinner on Tuesday with my friend Katey. I had dinner with my cousin, Jeni on Wednesday and then we went to buy her wedding shoes - MOH responsibilities. On Thursday I had a lunch date with Taryn at the Olive Garden. Then Friday I went to Rachel's jewelry party with Ashley. Last week was a friends week. So thanks to all my awesome friends for being awesome and keeping me busy to boot!

On Saturday I worked and on Sunday I visited with my Grandmother. She just turned 91. Isn't that amazing? 91! My grandfather was 91 as all... I hope I get their good genes and live a long happy life like the two of them. My grandparents are both amazing. I miss my Grampy everyday of my life. And I worry about my Grammy. They are the best people I have ever known. They are also my only true example of true love. People can only wish to be granted with the kind of love they shared. It's remarkable. They were married for 68 years. Incredible. 

Today was another busy day. I ran errands. Went to the gym and had a KICK ASS work-out. Then I made delicious meat sauce to go with delicious stuffed shells.

Then I had an interview in Reading MA for a fifth grade maternity leave position. I feel like it went well. Hopefully I hear back within the next few days to see if I made it to the round two interviews. I'll update when I find out. 

That is all for now. 

Blissfully Bored,

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  1. I feel the same exact way about Grammy & Granpy! I couldn't have said it better myself :-) And I am right there with you missing Granpy every single day... They are the best and so are YOU! I love you, Hun <3 xoxo