Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 13: Goals

I think it has been long enough. Have you missed me? 

DAY 13: Goals

Well this is a fairly easy topic for me. Looking on the positive side of life I am fortunate enough to have goals. I know plenty of people in my life who I believe seem to have no goals in life. I think goals are so important. It is important to strive for something, to want better. Nothing should ever be perfect... it is human nature to want more. However, I believe it is strength to go out there and get it.

1) Full-time permanent teaching job. 
  • If you know anything at all about me.. you know that this is my number one goal at the moment. I have a wonderful job right now, unfortunately that is the problem. It is for right now. Come June I'm searching for a permanent position again. That's going on 4 summers of my life searching for my place in a school district. Maybe this is the year... 
2) Buy a house and make it a home with Jonathan. 
  • Jonathan and I have been talking about this for a while now. We want to own a home, but first I must complete goal number one. We need more financially stability. We don't want to get ourselves in too deep. 

    That's really it right now. I have a billion little goals that I want to achieve, but those are the big ones. Those are the goals I want to build my future around.

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