Monday, April 4, 2011


Sorry for my long absence. The past few weeks I have gotten so busy with life that blogging about life was kind of put on hold. But alas, I am back. And as promised I will publish my Maid of Honor toast now that the wedding is over. 
First I want to thank everyone for being here tonight to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Seeing all of you here tonight is a true testament to the type of people Jeni and Mark are. It’s clear that they have touched so many lives and have so many wonderful people that care about them. For those of you who don’t know me – I am Jenilee’s cousin Tracy. Jeni and I have grown-up together. We have spent many school vacations at our grandparents’ house decorating the driveway with side-walk chalk, rollerskating and playing with our Barbies. Jeni and I have been through a lot of memorable and amazing times in life, but we have also been through some pain and heartache together as well. The bond we have is hard to explain – but I can tell you one thing she is more like my sister than my cousin and she is certainly my best friend. Before Jeni and Mark found each other – she had dated a lot of “stiffs” as she would call them. But when her and Mark got together you could immediately tell that he was a genuine guy. And that he cared about her in a way that no other man ever did or ever will. The way Mark puts up with her craziness and loves her unconditionally is something beautiful to see. The two of them are a team – they have fun together, they laugh together, they work together, and they grow together. The love these two share is something wonderful to witness. I could not ask for a better man in my cousins life and I am so grateful that she has someone to love her, care for her, and protect in the way that Mark will each and every day.  I would like to take a moment to mention and remember a few other amazing men who couldn’t be with us tonight… and I wanted to tell you Jeni that both your dad and Grampy are looking down at  you today with tears glistening in their eyes feeling so proud and so happy for you.  And I can promise you that they are not worried one bit, because they know that you have this amazing, wonderful man in your life to take care you now and forever.  So Mark – welcome to our family cousin-in-law! The two of you are the pure example of the kind of love Jeni and I dreamed about when we were little girls. So I ask now for you to all raise your glasses and toast – to the bride and groom!

By the way... the wedding was awesome. 


  1. Nicely written. That is a nice picture as well, two very beautiful women.

  2. That's the perfect wedding toast. Was she scared you were going to reveal anything embarrassing? My best friend actually pre-read mine so that there wasn't anything inappropriate!
    P.S. Love your dress