Saturday, December 11, 2010

Being Cheerful

So I have to say that I am definitely doing a good job "decking the halls". I think this is the first time ever that I really am truly embracing the holiday season. I've gotten about 1/2 of my shopping done, I sent out 33 Christmas cards, I decorated the tree with Jonathan and I even bought some cute Christmas hand towels. Today I wrapped all the Christmas presents that I have bought so far.  And I have been patiently hoping and wanting the first snow fall to happen!! It's nuts... I don't know where this cheer has come from, but it does make the holidays oh so much more fun! I haven't gone as far as to listen to Christmas music in my car alone... however when I'm in Jonathan's car I'm not only listening - but often singing along!

To top it all off on Wednesday I volunteered to go into my work (the Parker House Grille) on my day off and voluntarily decorate for 3 hours (I was there from 830 till 11). Me, the manager Billy and one of our regular customers, Jules decked out the entire dining room and lounge with Christmas decorations. We hung up garland and lights on all the borders using a hot glue gun (I burnt myself 2 dozen times!) and then we put up about 40 bows and bulbs all around the garland (Sp?). It actually was a lot more fun than it sounds... other than the fact that I was annoyed that me and a customer were doing this while two employees (who shall remain nameless) sat at the bar and drank.* How nice. I also got free food and drinks... and I didn't even abuse the privilege like those said employees totally would have. I only had two drinks and an appetizer.

Today I printed out a few recipes to get started on testing out what types of fun candies I want to make for treats for everyone. I have landed on a Simple Fudge recipe and  Saltine Toffee. Both recipes sound delicious and simple. Post to follow on the process and on whether it is indeed simple :)

Any-who - I feel very accomplished when it comes to my "embrace the holiday season" goal. With that said - please refrain from asking how the "exercise more" goal is coming :) 

*Need less to say - the people I work with piss me off quite frequently.


  1. Glad you're having a great holiday season! Thank you so much for the Christmas card! Yours went in the mail this morning :)

  2. Thanks Ashlee! I've been checking the mail like an excited little kid everyday! I love Christmas cards :)