Monday, December 6, 2010

Failing goals... :(

Okay... so it's December 6th and I'm already failing goals. 

Goal # 1 - Blog more. Given that this is the first blog since writing that goal... I consider that sad, maybe not quite a failure, but sad. 

Goal #2 - Exercise more. I went to yoga last week and I plan to go tomorrow - does that count? Yea... I didn't think so either. Where the hell did my motivation go??? I promise to be better.

Goal #3 - Embrace the holiday season! YAY To sticking to this goal! We have a tree up and decorated and I bought a festive table clothe and festive hand towels for the kitchen! AND I did some Christmas shopping today AND we got 1/2 of our cards written to send out in the mail this week! At least I can be successful at being cheerful :)

With all this failing I must now mention something so extremely positive! I have accomplished one of my long term goals! Today I was informed that I was hired for the 5th grade position that I interviewed for in Reading :) It's only 12 weeks, but hey it's a job! AND I can really teach again :) So that's huge excitement.


  1. Good for you Tracy....don't give up eventually you will be hired full time! xxx Celine

  2. Thanks Celine! I miss you!!! <3