Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The main reason I haven't blogged in a week

I have been meaning to update for the past week, but last week started off badly. This is what Jonathan found on Monday morning when he got up to go to work: 
Yes - to answer your question. That is his car, on milk crates, with no tires. 
 So this event sent me into a whirlwind rage. Now - first let me tell you this. THIS is not the first time something has happened to Jonathan's car. Last year around this time (Januaryish), his car was broken into. The driver's side window was smashed and his airbags were stolen, yes airbags. Fortunately, Jonathan is fantastic in crisis. He has been so calm through all of this bullshit which has been great. Unfortunately... his car is still in our driveway, with no tires, covered in snow :( 

Anyways... as pissed off as I was about the car and that low-life people would actually do something like this to someone... I was almost just as pissed off at the reactions some people had to this. Most friends/family were very sympathetic which is greatly appreciated, some people made jokes* (which is fine too... jokes are needed in times like these!) Some things that irritated me - were the comments about us having to move or Lowell being a shitty place to live, or our apartment complex sucking. The reason this annoyed me... is: 
  1. We don't live in Lowell, we live in Dracut. 
  2. Despite where we live.. it doesn't matter. Like I said this happened before and the kids were caught and they were from Lawrence! 
  3. Yes - I agree that we live in a huge apartment complex and MAYBE there should be more security... but when you live in an apartment... security is almost considered in amenity. We could live in a gated community... but unfortunately we don't have that kind of money. Overall this complex is very nice and over the past year we have dealt with different matters, such as the bed bug incident and a mouse in our wall, that maintenance and management has responded to in such a great manner.
  4. But again - this kind of shit doesn't matter... He drives a Civic SI. That's why this shit happens. Period. 
So anyways... when shitty things happen to someone. They don't need to be lectured and they certainly don't need to hear about how hard your day has been or how difficult your life is. Really, last week... all we/he needed was for people to say "dude, that sucks... I'm sorry man". The advice, the recommendations, and the complaints were unnecessary. So thank-you to all of our thoughtful friends and family who truly know how to be supportive. It's appreciated. :) 

Had I written this blog last week when I was still very pissed off about it all ... I would have been much bitchier and angrier... hence the reason why I waited. If this still came off as bitchy - then maybe you at least understand my frustration a little bit. And keep in mind sometimes a blog is meant for venting.

*Some of the jokes were absolutely fantastic. The one that topped them all was the x-mas eve prank. Stay tuned....


  1. Hey Lady, Just read your blog. I've been so busy, I didn't realize what was going on. Hope they catch those dirt-bags. Unfortunately, people need to realize these low-life people will travel to steal/vandalize. I completely understand your complaints about people's comments. With our home buying catastrophe, I have had quite a few not-so-helpful comments. I think the best way to handle it is to ignore it and focus on the positives and the jokes! I'm thinking of you and hoping it all works out! AND I have your necklace, so we def need to grab a coffee and chat soon! :)

  2. Jeni & Your Cousin-In-Law To BeeeeJanuary 2, 2011 at 8:10 PM

    Hehehe.... Glad we were able to make your Christmas Eve extra special ;-)