Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today felt like a long day

First of all - let me start off by stating for the record that I LOVED second grade when I taught it... Today I substituted in a 3rd grade classroom. It was one of the most challenging classes I think I have ever worked with for a variety of reasons. I will not list all these reasons, but I will state that I am SO glad that the job I landed is in 5th grade. 5th graders are soo much more independent I definitely think they are more my speed these days. :) Now - I understand as a substitute teacher I don't get nearly as much respect as the regular classroom teacher... and I expect that going in. I expect that I will need to put my foot down from the very start of the day otherwise the day could be a total nightmare... But I felt as if these third graders never learned the concept of raising there hands and don't seem to understand how rude it is to A) - Interrupt the teacher and B) - Talk while she is talking. Those are the basics in school! It was utter chaos.... Funny thing is though - I did have someone come in the room at one point and say "wow, they are never this quiet for a substitute!"... so even though I felt like it was complete chaos I guess I didn't do half bad with this particular group of kiddos. Maybe I just have high expectations for proper behavior in school... with that said....  I can not wait for subbing to be over and to be in my "own" classroom for at least 12 weeks!!! :)

Hopefully this will be how my fifth graders behave!

Need less to say I was exhausted when I got home. I relaxed and watched soap-net for a while. Yeah I'm lame, but I love OTH and 90120 (old school) repeats. I did however get myself up and out the door to go and get in some cardio and do yoga! Take THAT exercise goal! My cardio was pathetic though. I could clearly tell I hadn't worked out recently. I had no stamina! AND can I ask the question - WHY DO PEOPLE WATCH THE FOOD NETWORK WHILE WORKING OUT? How BAD of an idea is that!?  Oh well - tomorrow I will go to the gym again! (and the food network better not be on!)

Tomorrow I will:

1) Go to the post office to buy stamps so I can mail the Christmas cards
2) I will go shopping for more Christmas gifts
3) I will clean the apartment
4) I WILL go to the gym
5) I might have lunch with Amy :)

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