Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blogger Frustration

I'm not sure how many of you had a chance to read my blog yesterday before I deleted it, but it talked about a lot of school related aggravation. The main reason I deleted it is because writing about school is something that makes me consistently anxious. I write the blog... feel good getting my irritation out and then I drive myself mad with worry that someone (i.e. principal, colleagues, parents) might read it, which could lead me to trouble at work. I have tried to find a happy medium when posting about school. I thought if I kept things genuinely bland then it would be okay. Another joy of being a teacher - being paranoid that people will find incriminating things on the inter-webs about you. With that said - I have decided that from this point on I would leave my work related business out of my blog. I will no longer be telling you - the good, the bad, the ugly or even the funny things that occur in my school day from this day forward.

Unfortunately - this leaves me in blogger frustration. I have always thought my school stories were interesting (or at least entertaining) topics for people to read about. Currently teaching is such a huge part of my life. I'm new to this job, new to this school and I'm learning and growing everyday. I feel like a huge percent of my day consists of thinking about, worrying about and talking about school.... I'm not sure what to blog about if I remove it from my blog topics.

So until I get a life that's a bit more interesting I'm not sure how much you will hear from me.... 

What would you like to hear about? Any suggestions?


  1. Tell us about your time in the French Foreign Legion.
    I know that I don't refer to my work too often on my blog because I know that one of the VPs looks around for Facebook pages and blogs that the employees have. I also have a false last name.

  2. Part of me really wishes when I started this blog I had made it 100% anonymous.... unfortunately I didn't and I don't want to start a whole new blog for that purpose. I guess my only choice is to be careful and leave work where it belongs... at work.

  3. I'm sorry that I freaked you out. I don't think that you can't or shouldn't mention anything about work. It's just that story that I read hit close to home. I suppose privacy on the internet is an oxymoron.

  4. nah, no worries. It wasn't just you... every time I write about work I worry myself sick over it. It would probably just be best if I didn't write about it and didn't worry about it :)

  5. Alessandra over at Life and Times of A. Nighbert had some student's parents call or email her about her blog late last year. I'm not sure how far it went at school though.

  6. Hi Tracy,
    found you through my blog which you found through George, wow this is getting complicated. Anyway, George is right, I had some weirdo parent harass me over the Christmas break for some comments and pictures I had on my blog. I totally ignored them and actually wrote about it in one of my posts. Nothing happened at school.

    I hear you about talking about work on the blog. I do, even though I don't use names. I talk mostly about my admin, and sometimes the kids too. That's what freedom of speech is for. However, if you're new on the job, I would wait a little longer (at least until you're tenured). You can still talk about work, just don't be too negative.
    Glad I found you, I'll be following to see what you'll be talking about :)

  7. Thanks Alessandra! Yeah I'm no where near close to tenured.. haha. This is actually a long-term sub gig that I'm covering for a woman who is on maternity leave. I'm hoping it is a good foot in the door and step in the right direction for permanent work... so I don't want to make any ripples in the water. So for now.. I will be steering clear of work talk. Just in case :)

  8. I think you should CAREFULLY go on as you have been. I read the sadly deceased post last night and while I can see your concern, I don't think that any of the other posts that I've read were any cause for alarm. Of course, you have to factor in the sheer amount of stupid people out there that might think they have a reason to bitch. In fact, your post was kind of a factor in the one I posted last night. (of course, staying on-point was a little hazy on mine, as per usual). Maybe you could occasionally do a "guest bitch" at one of our blogs to get it off your chest.