Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trixie's Night Life

Last night was a little bit silly. So I thought I would breifly share the escapades before I get started on my Blogger Challenge tomorrow.

Being a waitress at a restaurant/pub I see a lot of interesting people come and go throughout the night. Last night - was certainly a night for all the crazies to come out. It was a relatively busy night, but not overall insane or anything. I made good money but didn't feel like I was running ragged all night long. Those are my favorite kinds of nights.

So I had a party of four come in around 8 o'clock. They had clearly been out drinking prior to hitting the good ol' PHG. They ordered some appetizers and beers and were generally just a happy bunch of people. But definitely extremely intoxicated and extremely loud. We had a musician last night and they were screaming out requests at him left and right. Luckily I only had two tables and my other table was a sweet couple who told me "You can't see side shows like this in Boston!". Throughout the entire experience I gritted my teeth and kept on smile being the "good little waitress". The creepy old men kept telling me how beautiful I am.. and asking me if I had a boyfriend. All four of them kept forgetting my name. At one point they named me Trixie. So I figured that must just be my alter-ego that comes out at night to get a little wild.  Either that - or I resemble a hooker or porn star.

Clearly, this story isn't all that exciting. Just odd. I thought I would share. haha.

Also... after I finished my shift I went to a little dive bar in my town that my friends and I all hang out at. On Saturday night they do kareokee and we all get silly and sing, drink beers, play pool, and laugh. Last night was the "beach party" and I won a bottle of wine doing the limbo. I'm not gonna lie - I was pretty proud.
Did I mention all three winners, myself included, were about the size of this dog?
Overall - it was a great night for Trixie.


  1. Sounds like you had a good night after all. How come you're waitressing if you're teaching? Wait, don't tell me, it's because you make too much money as a teacher uh?

  2. I like "Trixie". If you want porn names you have to go to Devon, Taylor or Lexi.
    Unfortunately I know I have been that irritating patron in the past. If I apologize to you, do you think it clears me for my past wrongs?

  3. Haha!! That is too funny..... Trixie ;-) That def has to be your alter ego! LOL!

  4. Alessandra,

    I'm still waitressing because my teaching job just doesn't cut it. And even though I'm at the school for the remainder of the school year, they are only paying me long-term sub pay. Which is LESS than teacher salary... so you can I'm sure imagine just how low that is.


    Maybe if I do decide to make my blog a little more private I'll use the pseudonym, Trixie! And your apology makes me feel a little bit better... but I can't speak for all the other waitresses you may have groped or yelled at! haha.


    Thanks. Glad you like it... I'm thinking Trixie will be out at your Bacherlorette Party! ;)

  5. I so understand, although it was a very long time ago I was a waitress at two different bars and I was not as nice as you are, hang in there :)