Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Irrational Panic

Do you ever have those moments of complete irrational panic? When 3 thousand thoughts flash through your mind in the matter of seconds? What causes that? What makes our brains move that quickly when we panic?

Yesterday I was driving and as I was about to pull into the laundromat to pick up my clothes, I drove through a cloud of smoke. In the matter of 3 seconds here are the irrational thoughts I had: 
  1. Oh  my god! is the laundromat on fire!?
  2. Oh my god! I can't afford to buy all new clothes!
  3. Would I get some kind of $$ from the laundromat if that was the case? 
  4. ... like insurance or something? 
  5. oh oh oh it would be fun to go on shopping spree!
  6. ...hmm... wait a second....*sniffs air* that smells more like burning rubber. 
  7. Okay... so I don't think the laundromat is on fire... but maybe... 
  8. Holy Shit! Is my car on fire!?
Finally... I reach the parking spot. I jump out of my car and take a look at my  hood... no smoke. I also checked my exhaust... looked all clear there...
At last I experience a rational though - 

....oooooh some jack-ass must have been being all big and tough and attempted to peel-out at the stop sign. Hence the smell of burning rubber, hence the smoke. Stupid idiots.

Panic. It's a funny emotion. 


  1. I absolutely hate those moments, even if they always turn out ok.

  2. Yeah, I'm avoiding that feeling by staying out of the blizzard.

  3. Good call. I also intend to not leave my house at all today. Come July when I'm stuck in 5th grade with all my crazy kids I will be cursing January and February though!

  4. OMG, you are too funny, Trace!! I definitely have had many irrational panic moments ;-) I love you!

  5. Definitely quite familiar with those moments! It's the fastest my mind works any more...LOL

  6. Very funny! Loved reading your post.

  7. Girlie, I feel your pain. Over active imaginations is what gives us mad skills for blogging.