Thursday, January 27, 2011

Randomness and Freaks

First of all.... let me apologize for Tuesdays post. What a blog bitch I was being! I try really hard not to use my blog as my own personal soap box to bitch about people and life. I like to be a positive person and roll with the punches. But... with that said... I guess everyone is allowed a bad day once in a while. And I did have two in a row. Anywho - my week has definitely started to look-up.

Yesterday was a perfectly fine Wednesday. I had my dinner wine night with Jeni and we of course talked wedding all night long. Don't get me wrong I love being her maid of honor, but I think after April 2nd I will enjoy a nice big sigh of relief. Oh and don't you worry - it won't be my turn any time soon. I want all that wedding planning and all that comes with it to be on hold for the next few years.

In other news today is yet another snow day! I have only been at my new job for 3 weeks and I have yet to work a full week and then February vacation is right around the corner. Oh the life of a teacher. On the bright side I do love my class - I wonder if I will still love them come July - because by the looks of it that's when the school year will finally come to a close! 

Picture taken from my window. Our cars covered in snow. Yet again. 
Can you see how high the snow banks are getting??
 Wow! That was quite the long ramble of thoughts... sorry about that!

Anyways... what I really wanted to write about today - is how I have come to the conclusion that I attract the biggest freaks! I don't mean that I attract weird men or anything like that. Jonathan is perfectly normal along with most of the other guys I have dated in my life. What I mean is that when out in public minding my own business the strangest, oddest people always approach me! Why?! Always one more random than the next.

  1. YESTERDAY - Yesterday I went to CVS to pick up some razors for the boy (aren't razors ridiculously expensive?!) and I was standing in line. This old homely women approaches me. She looked awful - heavy set, white hair, white hairs coming out from her chin, didn't smell all that great... She looked crazy. Which I can't really describe, but she just didn't seem like she was all there. THEN she says to me "Can I ask you a questions?"... In my head I'm thinking she wants my help to find something in the store or to get something for her, which I probably would have been more than obliged to do. But no, she says "Can you please give me a ride home?" I kind of just stared at her for a moment with and "uhhhh" look on my face. Then she says "I just walked here to get some pain medication because my back hurts so much and I don't think I can make it all the way back home - I just live right up the street. First, let me ask - What would you have done? I felt awful - it has just started to snow and it was getting dark, but I can't let some crazy old woman into my car with me. So I politely said "I'm sorry - I'm going in the other direction". Am I awful? Did I do the right thing? 
  2. A FEW MONTHS AGO - Two incidents occurred at the laundromat. The first one was a harmless old senile man, who was actually kind of sweet so that didn't bother me so much. He approached me and just started talking to me about random stuff. He asked me if I was a college student, what my major was when I was in school, what kind of job I had now... just random small talk. Then he started talking to me about the trips he takes into Boston on the train. He told me how he goes to the aquarium and the science museum and how last week he had gone whale watching. I responded nicely - "Whale watching! I have never done that. That sounds really awesome.. did you have a good time?" and he said "it was awesome!" And told me to meet him at the train station next weekend and we could go whale watching together. haha... I finished removing my laundry and went to bring it outside and I looked around before opening my car door because even though he seemed harmless I still felt the need to be a little cautious. I looked around and he was no where to be found. It's like he disappeared! OR he was a figment of my imagination. I don't know. 
  3. The other time at the laundromat this man found it completely necessary to strike up a conversation with me about his new IPad... which I was totally uninterested in. He randomly started talking to me about it and then insisted on going out to his car to get the IPad and show me all of its awesome features. Snore.. I could careless, but I was having a really hard time avoiding conversation with this man. Maybe he is lonely. He wasn't as much of a freak, more so just annoying, but still work mentioning. 
  4. WHEN I WAS WORKING: So as most of you know aside from teaching I'm also a waitress. When I was working at a different restaurant in town. This old homeless looking guy came in. Ordered a coffee and sat and drank it while muttering obscenities. This I found quite odd. I was told later that he is actually not homeless and just the town drunk. Interesting. 
  5. WHEN I WAS 19: So this one takes the cake. This was my first real freak encounter. I was going to Dunkin Donuts one morning before class. As I was walking in there was this really crazy looking man standing outside. By crazy - I mean completely wacked-out. Eyes darting back and forth, hands jitterbugging and shaking. He had to be on something. He says to yells at me "will you buy me a coffee!" My response was to keep on walking and ignore him. That did not work. He followed me in and got in line behind me and kept asking me for a coffee. I continued to ignore him. Then he stood right in front of me and started dangling a medallion in front of my face "trying to hypnotize me". He told me "I'm a leprechaun - you will buy me a coffeeeeee" I was terrified. Literally. He was scary. The woman behind him started yelling at the DD workers telling them to kick the guy out. Saying something like "Get this guy out of here - he is terrifying this poor girl" They just ignored what was occurring. Then the guy behind her offered to buy the guy a coffee. I got my coffee and booked it to my car. I don't know whatever happened to the leprechaun man, but I know I will never forget him. 
So - Why do these things happen to me? Do these things happen to everyone? Am I just a small-town girl who is naive to the freaks in the world? If I lived in the city would this happen more often? What do you think?


  1. I think that the iPad guy was just a normal iPad owner. It seems that Apple geeks are like certain moms who go on about how talented and smart their children are, even though they are just average. (Unless it was my mother talking about me, then it was well founded in fact.)

  2. George,

    I definitely would have to agree with you on that one. Apple geeks are obnoxious with their apple-loving!

  3. Sounds like you need a little more I-Thou in your life. Although, I do agree that one has to be cautious. Laundromats can definitely be shifty at times, truth-fact.

  4. Freaks are everywhere. Even in small towns. The only difference is that in the city they congregate in small areas, so it seems like there is more of them.

    I run into special people all the time. There seems to be so many of them that it doesn't seem odd anymore.

  5. Hahaha, I love the woman in CVS. As IF she asked you for a ride! Hahaha, this was a laugh out loud moment for sure.
    Good call though on turning her down

  6. My goodness, a teacher AND a waitress? You must be one tired lady! Enjoy the snow day!

  7. This happens to me as well. I think I am too nice about these things as well. Maybe that is your problem too? I also think that I attract hurt people. I am always up late nights chatting with friends who are having a ridiculously hard time! I have to talk them through things. Sometimes I think I shouldn't have been an accountant and I should have been a psychologist.

  8. These things happen to everyone, whether small town or big town. Some of your encounters are a little unnerving, but I wouldn't necessarily call people old and helpless, or lonely people freaks. They are just old and helpless, or lonely.

  9. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. Maybe a little discerning that there are many more freaks out there though.

    Yes I waitress and teach! It's an exhausting life I lead! haha.

    Clipped Wings,

    I get what you are saying and I did feel bad about the people in most of the cases, except the leprechaun man, but I could also be calling them something much worse than freaks.