Thursday, January 20, 2011

Morning Sex or Afternoon Delight?

Hello friends! I am testing a theory.

Yesterday when I posted my beer tap post entitled "No Head" my page-views skyrocketed! So I was just curious - did all you pervs just click on it because it sounded a little racy??? ;)

But since I don't want to be a cock computer-tease I will address the question at hand. Do you prefer morning sex or a little afternoon delight?

Disclaimer: Stop reading if you would prefer to know nothing about my sex-life.

Personally - I wish I woke up in the morning revving to go - I'm sure Jonathan wishes that for me as well - unfortunately I just don't. In the morning I feel all groggy and I need some coffee to wake me up and I like to have a clean body and brushed teeth before sex. Maybe instead I should skip the coffee, say to hell with being clean, and not give a shit about my teeth since we are both un-brushed! Maybe I should just let the morning sex wake me up! It does sound like a great way to start the day. However, this article does say that men are far more eager for morning sex than woman. It's science. You can't argue with science.

As for a little afternoon delight - I'm sad to say I don't experience that all that often either. I don't know if it's just that life is busy in the afternoon. Or that sex just isn't on my mind. Or that I'm just not a super horny girl. I wish I was more horny. Is there a way to make that happen? Suggestions?

Maybe I should just have more sex. Maybe this upcoming weekend Jonathan and I will do some field-work in our bed. And test out morning sex, afternoon delight, and regular old night time sex. Maybe by the end of the experiment I will become an advocate for morning sex, or all sex for that matter.

Racy enough for you?


  1. lol you make me laugh...i myself am a fan of a little morning fun! Gets the day kicked off on the right foot...give it a whirl! ;)

  2. Tracy I would have to say that I prefer Morning sex....or even the middle of the night sex....I think there is nothing better then waking up to sex haha...just say :)

  3. Morning sex is definitely a great way to start the day! How did your experiment go? LOL!

  4. I usually prefer night sex but the lady friend is often too tired and prefers morning. Guess when we end up having it?


  5. Ladies - I will do my best to take your advice wisely! :)

    SD - maybe a little afternoon delight as a compromise!! But I would guess.... Morning! ha.