Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick Update!

Work is going fantastic. I really love it there. The staff is so nice and so supportive. The technology isn't nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be... In all honesty it is going to make my life so much simpler when it comes to not only planning my lessons, but executing them. The SmartBoard makes the entire lesson run so smoothly and there is no time wasted writing everything on the board. The kids also seem very sweet. It is a totally different kind of atmosphere than other 5th graders I have worked with. These kids are still such kids, if you know what I mean. They are still sweet and kind and genuinely seem to enjoy school. And here is a priceless gem for you - I have one student who adores Michael Jackson. He is his absolute idol. He has a sparkly glove and on occasion will moonwalk down the hallway. How awesome is that?

I really think I'm going to have a blast over the next six months. Here's to hoping that this is a step in the right direction.

With that said.... Second thing... I have decided on my name change. I hope you all enjoy it...and find it as fitting as I do.

That's all for now... but I'm exhausted. This whole working full time again is going to take a little time to get used to!


  1. Great name! :) And I'm glad you are liking it! We all knew you would be awesome. This is your passion, after all. Hey, maybe this teacher will decide not to go back at all...possibility, right?

  2. It's always a possibility, but it's doubtful... she is also the assistant principal. haha.

  3. YAY!! I am soooo happy for you, Hun!! I really like the new name too :-) Love You!

  4. thanks! I'll have to tell you all about it over dinner and wine this week :)