Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Manic Monday, Toxic Tuesday

So yesterday was Monday. That in itself always sucks. Am I right? I have never had a Monday suck quite as hard as this one. It sucked so hard that it may have possibly given Tuesday a hickey. Hence why Tuesday kinda sucked too. Not quite as hard as Monday... so I do have a nice outlook on Wednesday. 

Reasons why Monday sucked:
  1. It was like -5 degrees out or something retarded like that.
  2. SINCE it was so fucking cold... my car refused to start. It was so cold that my battery decided it no longer had the will to live. Now that is fucking cold. I will admit that I probably needed a new battery anyways - but still, I think it really gave up on life due to the cold. So let us mourn my poor suicidal car battery.
  3. I got to school late... well not real late. At like 8:12. I'm supposed to be there at 8:10. But this gave me no time to plan before the kiddos trampled in.  I like to be there at like 7:40ish... 
  4. Then to top it all off the kids were HORRIBLE all day. Or I was just in a horrible mood so I had zero patience and tolerance. But I think it might have been a little of both. 
  5. SO MUCH traffic on our way home. Jonathan picked me up around 5:30ish. That's late to be at school... and then we didn't even get home until 7!
  6. When I got home I continued to get aggravated because I realized I left some of my materials at school. I needed to test out the electromagnets for science. Since I was pretty sure the batteries I had at school were dead. Yesterday was a bad day for batteries
Monday continues to piss all over Tuesday
  1. So we had very small hope that MAYBE my battery would miraculously kick some life into my car and start this morning. Negative. 
  2. Another day of car pooling - in SO much traffic. I was late again. This time actually late. I arrived at 8:35. But, I arrived before the other two fifth grade teachers. Yes we were all late. Traffic really sucked. We are all coming from different directions too. So for those of you that were bitching about traffic. EVERYONE was dealing with it.
Tuesday took a turn for the better. The kids were actually very good today. I think I was more patient too. We got through everything that was planned for the day. Rather than have Jonathan pick me up at 530 again his brother Evan came and got me at 315. This allowed us ample time to come home and replace my battery. Evan was a life-saver today - I can't thank him enough. So let there be life little FordFocus! 

So I have high expectations for Wednesday - although I'm concerned that my afternoon will be destroyed by MORE snow. Oh New England. But I will stop now - before I continue to bitch about the cold, the snow and the traffic - because it's blowing up my facebook wall. And I'm tired of it. We all just need to deal.

Here is some positivity for you - "Few people get weak eyes from looking on the bright side".


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  2. I came by from Average Girl's blog to say hello and offer you encouragement. The more blogs you visit, the more visits your blog will recieve, and some of them will become followers. Good luck!

  3. Thanks! I appreciate it the feedback!

  4. Hey Tracy! I'm so glad you came over to check out my blog! I may become a regular of yours! I too am a teacher, and while I make sure to make the time to travel I can relate to this post on most levels! I teach Freshman High School English which is a chore in itself, I couldn't imagine 5th graders! Ooo and I too drive a Ford Focus! Happy Blogging!