Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's talk goals & resolutions

 Soo... as you all know in December I made the following 3 goals for myself: 
  1. Blog more! I'm not going to give myself a #. I'm not going to say I will blog everyday or anything crazy like that... But more. November was weak on the blogging.  October was weak too... 
I consider goal #1 a success. I did not blog like a maniac and consistently. But I hit 9 blogs in December which is more than the combined total of 8 in both October and November! SUCCESS! 
  1. Exercise at least 4 times a week! (With the exception of Christmas week - cause it might be hectic)
This is a complete and total FAIL. It's as if I made this goal and immediately began to fail. I do plan to get my junk-food eating ass back to the gym for January though (see Jan. Goals). 
  1. Try my damnedest to embrace the holiday season. Since I have been with Jonathan I have tried each year to love Christmas as much as he does. Now - I personally don't believe "it's the most wonderful time of the year". But for him (and for my own sanity) I will again try to love it. Maybe one of these years it might actually work and I will turn into a fanatic Christmas lover. 
      • As an extension to goal #3 - I plan to be super jolly and create small Christmas gifts for people. The reason is two-fold. One - I feel like being crafty and making fudge/candy type treats and Two - I'm broke. And I've heard that it's the thought that counts :) 
This goal was a complete and total success! For the first time ever I truly loved Christmas. Everything about it was so exciting and fun. AND as you saw in my candy posts - I did make the great effort of being Martha Stewart as well. HUGE SUCCESS!

So overall I consider myself pretty successful in goal completion for the month of December. 2/3 isn't bad! I think I made the exercise goal because I knew I was beginning to slack real bad and I think I new in the back of my mind that I would fail that particular goal. 
As for a New Year's Resolution. I have decided not to make one. There isn't really anything that I want to do THAT bad, that I think I can resolve to be better at for an entire year. I think most people make resolutions with these high hopes, but no one really ever succeeds. I prefer sticking to more attainable monthly goals. So for this month: 

  1. Embrace my new job with my new bunch of little fifth graders. This is a goal because for the past week I have been freaking out! I am so nervous about starting this job. It's mainly all the technology and stuff that scares me. But I want myself to put all those fears aside, understand that I CAN do this... and Enjoy it. (I know that's a pretty easy goal since I love teaching - but seriously I do need to calm down a bit). 
  2. Watch less TV. I spend way too much time watching TV. And I know now that I will be working full time I won't have as much time to be a couch potato, but I don't want to come home from work and immediately sit in front of the TV and I don't want to spend my entire weekends in bed or watching TV. I feel like I'm wasting life. So watch less TV and be more productive. 
  3. Since I won't be spending as much time sitting on my ass watching TV - I need to get my ass back to the gym - at least 4 times per week.

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