Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No - I'm not a crazy cat lady.

I feel as though I have quite a few serious posts recently - lots of job related business. So in loo lieu of this glorious snow day I figured I would be a little silly and introduce the blogging community to the love of my life. He has been the one constant in my life in the past 8 years. No - not Jonathan - we have only been together for 2 and 1/2 years. I'm talking about this little guy:

Me loving my little Diablo

Diablo you ask? No - he is not named after the video game, sorry boys. I named him Diablo because quite frankly - the day I got him, I was convinced he might just be Satan in disguise.

The day I adopted Diablo from the Humane Society was the day after one of our family cats had died. Circus had been my brother's cat, but she became more my cat over the years. She slept in my room and spent the most time with me. We thought she must have been hit by a car because we found her in the back-yard whining loudly. We took her to the vet and we were told that her tale bone was broken. Due to her age they said she might not even survive surgery, so we opted to have her put down. It was very sad.

The next day someone offered to bring me to the Humane Society to "look at kittens"... my immediate response was, "you bring me there - I guarantee I will be bringing a kitten home with me". So we went on this hot day in August to "look at kittens". They surprisingly only had 3 kittens that day. They had two calico female kittens cuddled up sleeping in one cage, don't get me wrong they were cute, but they didn't melt my heart the way the little black kitten did. This little black kitten was sitting straight up in the cage looking out - right at me! I put my hand up on the cage and he reached his paw out and meowed. It was quite the meet cute (I learned that phrase from the movie The Holiday). I instinctively knew that he was the kitten I needed to adopt.

We had the Humane Society worker "put him on hold for us" and we went to the ATM to get donation money - can you believe that this little love cost me a mere 30$? Being very ill-prepared I did not have a cage, food, toys or anything for a kitten. So we just carried him out to the car. With it being August - we had the windows open and the little black fur-ball attempted his escape. He tried to jump out the window!! We pulled him back in and quickly rolled up the windows... he then ran circles tornadoes around the back seat. All you could hear was his nails on the seats (thank-god they weren't leather, right!?). At this point I was honestly concerned that I had the devil incarnate in my backseat. Then he got cozy underneath my seat until we got home and I pried him out.

So that is how he got his name.... he was clearly the black devil. Clearly Diablo.

From that day on he has been the one constant in my life. I have moved 5 TIMES since I got him. We have been on a lot of journeys together. I think I needed Diablo, just as much, as he needed me. Maybe more. I have tons of funny stories to share about him - but today - it was just about his intro. Before I begin to embarrass him, with hilarious stories all over the interwebs I needed to explain his origin and his importance to my life! Stay tuned.

So serious! Diablo and Jonathan became best buds quickly. 

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  1. LOL!!! I Love it :-D I love you & Diablo toooo!!!