Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekends are priceless when you become a worker-bee

As you all know last week was my first week at the new job. Teaching fifth grade can be described in many ways. I will describe it using all words that begin with the letter E (why? I don't know... because I feel like it): exciting, exhausting, enlightening, exhilarating, and excellent. It can also be described as wonderful. I'm so glad to be doing what I love again. 

With that said... working all week really makes you appreciate the weekend that much more. Not that I wasn't working before - I was substituting nearly every day... but when, substituting you can simply decide to not go to work. I obviously can not do that any longer. Which is fine - I'm happy to have a Monday thru Friday job and working everyday like a real grown-up. What's frustrating is after working all week THEN - I work all weekend! It stinks to leave work on Friday to then come home to - oh wait -  go to work!

So here is a brief summary of my weekend:

FRIDAY:Came home from school - hung out for an hour - then went to work at the restaurant. Work was super busy Friday night, which is great because that means more $$ - which I need. So Friday night was a good night. Except I was there until 1130pm. Let me tell you working from 730am - 1130pm suuucks. I got home and feel asleep pretty much the minute my head hit the pillow. 

SATURDAY: Well since I went to be so early on Friday night I actually woke up fairly early on Saturday. I was up at 9. Waking up early on a Saturday is such a good idea. I don't know why I always sleep my weekends away. I got so much accomplished! That morning I read while drinking my coffee. Then I took a shower and went to the bank and to get my eyebrows waxed. Then I went and picked up Jeni to go with her for her dress fitting. She is a beautiful bride. Unfortunately, by the time I got back from there it was just about time to head back to the restaurant for another night of bringing ungrateful people food! Waitressing sucks. Waitressing especially sucks when it's Saturday night and the people of the PHG sing HORRIBLE karaoke until 1130. I did not get home until 1215. I HATE KARAOKE SATURDAYS! It wouldn't be so bad if these people tipped well or drank all night. But they tip like shit and they sit there ALL night nursing SODA! It's terrible. AND it happens every other Saturday... I don't know how I keep from gouging myself in the eye with a fork.

SUNDAY: Oh Sunday - how I love relaxing on Sunday. I did sleep late on Sunday. I stayed in bed till about 1045ish. Then we got up and went food shopping because we literally had no food in the house. This time we actually decided to make our grocery list built on meals. We spent more money, but I think our food will last longer. Then we watched Inception. If you haven't seen it. Watch it. It was such a good movie. And for those of you who think you need to watch it more than once to understand it... well to be blunt I think you just don't know how to pay attention. I understood it and it was amazing. Regardless, it was a great movie (even if you are slow on the up-take and have to watch it twice ;)). Then we made a Buffalo Chicken Calzone: MMMMMM. 

MONDAY: (it is part of the weekend since it was MLKJ day) Monday was a day of laundry and cleaning. It is literally all I did ALL day. Very boring. But the house and clothes smelled great when I was done :) Then I met up with the brother's girlfriend to get a booking taken care of for the wedding and had a few beers with her. 

Then today I was back at work. Late because of the snow. Traffic was horrific. 

Positive notes of my weekend: 
  1. Delicious Buffalo Chicken Calzone
  2. Made lots of $$
  3. Watched a great movie with my man :)

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  1. You are too funny, Trace! I love you!