Thursday, February 10, 2011

For A

What a week it has been. It looks like I have just about survived a FULL week of work. Imagine that. Tomorrow - and that's a full 5 days! Although... at this very moment I feel like I have barely survived.

Amy from Everyday A insisted that I make a blog entry today since I have been MIA for a week. This was her text message and I quote "so I have a blog typed and ready to go about accomplishing a 30 before 30 item... but I am holding it hostage until you post a blog". THEN She messaged me on Face-book and even provided me with these clever blog topics: 

  • you don't tell other people how to do their job why are parents telling you how to teach? 
    • Well - I sure as hell don't know. But it's pretty damn aggravating. I don't even want to get into the logistics of how utterly pissed off and discourage I became today. But I would like to address this thought - Anyone who thinks dealing with 21 kids all day long. Try dealing with their wack-job parents.  Today I learned that I am a mean teacher... interesting huh? I thought so.
  • why you are psyched for Valentine's Day?
    • This one is simple. I'm really not. We don't do much. Candy, flowers, maybe go to dinner. It's just another day. I was excited about it because of school - but now I'm bitter and angry about school and can't wait till February vacation.
  • kids are dumb...then give reasons.
    • They're not. Their parents are.
  • crazy commuter traffic stories.
    • I don't want to even talk about commuter traffic. What pisses me off more than commuter traffic though, is the people that bitch about it.
  • how awesome I am.
    • You are pretty damn awesome. And I miss our Panera dates! Any of my new followers that haven't checked out Everyday A totally should. She is funny, charismatic, and always has random fun blogs.
  • the best bar story you have.
    • I can't think of any really great bar stories at this exact moment. I will definitely have to revisit this as a blog topic in the future though.
  • how I am peer pressuring you into posting.
    • You totally are. What a bully. I'm reporting you.
And because no blog is complete without a picture. I leave you with a comic that just says it all: 


  1. Haha...are you in a bad mood or something? Love it! I'll stop holding my post hostage now and save you the trouble of filling out a bully report form.

  2. I'm glad she wrangled you into this. You may want to check out . You ladies could swap stories. By the way, the mean teachers are the best ones.

  3. Bless your heart! I don't want your job! But I thank you for doing it, even when it's not the nicest of days.