Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

I decided to do this whole challenge thing because I was really looking for something to get my creative juices flowing. Mainly so I could really get back to writing about things that matter. When I first started my blog my intentions were to blog about things that were stressful or things that I just needed to get off my chest. When I started. it was about me and life's difficulties. Lately it has been about random funny shit... or it's been about bitching about work. I want to get back to the basics and write about things that matter. So my intentions of this challenge is to give my readers the opportunity to get to know me... and to give me the opportunity to open up a little bit more about all the shit that really matters. Because that's what life is made of. The shit that counts. Poetic isn't it?

So.... recent photo: 

This is me right around Christmas. Recent enough?
  1. My name is Tracy. Only those closest to me call me Trace. If you are not close to me and you call me Trace I find it extremely weird. 
  2. My favorite # is 22. I don't really have a reason except that I like 2's, but only when they are together. 
  3. I have had two cats in my life that I would describe as my own. Both black. Both named after the devil - Damien and Diablo. No I'm not a Satanist.
  4. Teaching is my passion. But on hard days - I admit to questioning the path I have chosen to follow. 
  5. I hate Peas. 
  6. My brothers are two of the most important people in my life. Even though I don't think they realize it. 
  7. I wish I was talented, but I'm not. I can't play an instrument or sing, I'm not an artist. I'm just ordinary.
  8. When I'm nervous, excited, frazzled, upset, or any potential emotion that gets my adrenaline running my neck and chest breaks out in hives. (getting through observations in Grad School was a nightmare). 
  9. I worry about my mother each and every day - even though I pretend not to care. 
  10. When liquid drips on my windshield I feel compelled to turn on the windshield wipers... I can't stand looking at the long stream of water dripping down the center of the window. 
  11. I'm horrible at keeping in touch with people... I try, I really do. I just suck at it. 
  12. Sometimes my favorite nights with Jonathan are spent in pj's, cuddling on the couch, annoying each other in silly ways.
  13. Growing up I was constantly surrounded by guys - hence why I was a huge tomboy. 
  14. I could live off soup and pasta.
  15. Even though most of my family has let me down in such catastrophic ways - it makes me believe that the ones that are still here everyday are utterly amazing. 


  1. Thank you for FINALLY posting this. I've been waiting since you promised me a challenge like 35 days ago.

    Two things:
    1. MMMMM...pasta
    2. EWWWW...cats

    Also, I admire your braveness for writing about important things. I lack that trait and instead write about inane accidently trying to break into cars that are not mine at the grocery store.

  2. Good way to start ion the blog challenge. Some of them are things I would have never thought about listing as important things, which means you're not ordinary at all. looking forward to the next challenge

  3. Nice picture of you. Some interesting items here, such as the cat names & the fact that you think you are just ordinary.

  4. You are not "just ordinary", Hun! YOU are amazing & I love you very much! xoxo