Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 11: Favorite tv shows

I have lots of favorite TV shows. I love TV. Maybe a little too much. I watch such crap too... haha at least I can admit it though.

All time favorite has got to be:

Next, I'm a huge fan of:

Those two are my all time favorite tv shows... But I also enjoy

I like other shows as well. But these are all my favorites. I know I have horrible taste. I admit it :)


  1. Does your school system know you like most of these shows? I have only watched Friends and The Office. I tried watching Lost, but it just wasn't for me.

  2. A) Just because I'm a teacher sure is hell doesn't mean I can't have my guilty pleasures and
    2) My co-workers and I discuss Jersey Shore every week at lunch.
    and... LOST is amazing... You just need to have persistence because there is a lot of back story to the characters, but it's what makes the show great. There is no other show like it. Also - just out of curiosity are you a fan of 24? Cause I hate that show... and I have found that people who like 24 don't like LOST.

  3. I love Dexter and Friends was very good, that's about it. I haven't seen a lot of the shows on your list and I refuse to watch Jersey Shore, it gives the wrong impression of Italian-Americans..

  4. I watch Jersey Shore out of complete entertainment. I don't agree with the life style and I don't believe that all Italian-Americans are like them in any way. I just watch it because in all honesty it's hilarious. Surprisingly enough... my boyfriend is the one who got us hooked on this.

  5. Hey, did you add some since I commented? I like Dexter, True blood is ok, never watched Weeds.
    I am in fact not a fan of 24. Too unbelievable.
    Most of your other shows just seem like they are geared toward women. I don't know if I have any guilty pleasures in tv shows.

  6. I love Dexter, Weeds, Lost ( I cried so hard at the finale!!),True Blood and the Office, I also watched every single episode of Jersey Shore (that I am not proud of) but I don't think you have bad taste - the shows that I watch are STELLAR (well except for the Shore) haha!