Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So as some of you know from my Being a Maid of Honor  post that I am the Maid of Honor in my cousin Jeni's wedding. Jeni is also the best friend I referred to in a recent post

Being a Maid of Honor you have many duties. Planning the bridal shower, the Jack and Jill, the Bachelorette Party, and generally just being there for the bride for anything she could possibly need. (BTW I have loved every second of being my cousin's maid of honor) Among these jobs... I must also include a very important job. The speech.  I am of course expected to say a heartfelt speech at the wedding. Most would think that I spend my entire work day talking in front of people so this should come as a breeze... but I talk in front of 10 year olds... not a room full of 130+ guests at a wedding! It's very different.I also have this chronic condition when I get nervous... my entire chest turns bright red. So the girl in the purple dress who looks like a lobster - that'll be me! 

Anyways... I wrote a rough draft of my speech months ago. I happened to open it up today (since I should probably think about finalizing it since the wedding is like 3 weeks away!). I actually wrote this original speech on December 30th.  I read it over today... and though it AGAIN brought tears to my eyes... I really don't think I'm going to change a thing. I guess it really isn't all that difficult to write wonderful things about two amazing people in your life. 

Now let's just hope I can get through the entire speech at the wedding without crying. I'm doubting that. 

Maybe after the wedding I'll post a copy of the speech on my blog if my readers are interested. What do you think?

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  1. That would be nice if you want to share it with us.