Friday, September 10, 2010

Dating a tech geek

So... My boyfriend is a total tech geek. Today he decided that in order for us to have better communication in our relationship on the on-goings of each others lives we should create a Google calendar to keep each other in the loop.  To most, this probably doesn't sound all that amusing and probably a really good idea. But if any of you could have been a fly on the wall as we organized our calendar I'm sure you would be chuckling. He said "NO! click here, set this, do this", "baby, you did it wrong", "go to the right of your screen... no that's the left" over and over and over again. haha... not my fault I'm not all the computer savvy like Mr. Sophos. Maybe a little my fault that I still don't know my left from right at age 26. Anywho... My main concern was that I wanted my events to be purple and his to be blue and he says we can't do that... so if you ask me, Google calendar's isn't all that smart! So on my calendar all events are purple on my screen.. on his computer screen they are blue... I guess that's good enough... Anyways... after synchronizing our lives via a technological device we did come to the conclusion that October is quite a busy month and maybe this organization is a smart idea. 

Speaking of being organized... This week I created a list to keep myself organized on accomplishments. I was fairly impressed with myself for getting done most things on the list.  Things I have yet to do include: 
  • Exercising every day - but that was the exterminators fault, not mine. 
  • I never did start a teacher portfolio, but in my defense diving into all of my teacher belongings is kind of depressing and I'm all about thinking positively these days. 
  • I did not try the yoga videos Jonathan downloaded. I was going to today, but the xbox synchronizing thingy (haha - wouldn't my tech geek love my terminology) wasn't working. But instead I did yoga on demand which is something new to try. 
  • I did not make good tips last night... only 28$. That was however out of my control... no customers in the restaurant = no $. Don't even get me started as to why that particular restaurant was lacking on customers.
  • I did not talk to my mother, but I did attempt the phone call. Not my fault fuck-head answered the phone.
Okay so maybe not a COMPLETELY successful week, but I do feel positive about what I did accomplish! 


  1. It sounds like you're making progress on those goals though! My only goals for the week were:
    1. wake up before noon
    2. shower
    3. eat something other than granola bars and string cheese

    and let me tell you that only goal 2 was accomplished....

    so here's to next week!

  2. Well... Most days I sleep till about 11 to noon.. and I loooove string cheese and granola bars!

  3. Haha... I typo'd my last comment, and apparently you can't edit? Weird. Anywayyy...David and I use Google Calendar too! The way you actually do the different colors is to have them as two separate calendars, and share and allow each other to edit both of them. Then you can set the two calendars to two colors :)

  4. hmmm... I feel like that's what we are doing, but maybe not. I'll have to check with him, since I'm clueless to all of that! ha.