Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thinking Positively & Getting Organized

So here's a positive spin on the last entry... AT least I know it certainly wasn't about my interview skills. I think I was very justified in feeling positive about my performance in the interview. I am a great teacher and very personable. Some day some employer is going to realize that and I am going to land my dream job. Until that day comes I know that all these other jobs just aren't right for me anyways.. I'd rather work in a district who wants me for my qualifications, not because of who my mommy is. The district that realizes this will be lucky to have me :)

Things I want to accomplish this week:

  1. Set up my account on sittercity.com for tutoring. 
  2. Look into subbing for Tewksbury... I think I should try my luck at a district I have never worked in. 
  3. Continue obsessively job searching (that's a given)
  4. Start organizing a teacher portfolio. It's the one thing I don't have that maybe, just maybe will give me a better chance at an interview. 
  5. Work out every day and do Yoga tonight. 
  6. Actually try out the yoga videos Jonathan downloaded for me. 
  7. Have a huge sigh of relief when the exterminator comes on Thursday and tells me my bed bugs are history. 
  8. Make lots of tips on Thursday night at work.
  9. Call my mom and begin the road to recovering my sanity when it comes to her. 
  10. Attempt to blog everyday. 
<3 Tracy 

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